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Top 10 Greatest Paintings of All Time

Following are our favourite Top 10 paintings of all time. There is no criteria. The list is just about our personal favourites. Feel free to recommend and we will definitely include the recommended painting in our upcoming list of  Viewers’ Top 10 Greatest paintings of All Time.

10. Van Eyck: Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife (1434)- National Gallery,London

09. Bruegel: Triumph of Death (15??)- Museum fur Gegenwartskunst, Basel

08. Klimt: Adele Blochbauer (1907)- Belvedere, Wien

07. Rubens: Feast of Venus/Vennsfest (1637)- Kunsthistoricche Muzeum, Wien

06. Bruegel: Babel Tower (1563)- Kunsthistoricche Muzeum, Wien

05. Van der Weyden: Deposition (1435)- Prado, Madrid

04. Altdorfer: The Battle of Alexander the Great (1529)- Alte Pinakothek, Munchen

03. Klimt: The Virgin (1913)- National Gallery, Prague

02. Michelangelo: Universal Judgement (1541)- Cappella Sistina, Roma

01. Klimt: The Kiss (1908)- Belvedere, Wien

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